Exorcist, Couple Caught While Performing Tantrik Pooja In Vemulawada

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VEMULAWADA: In just a week of an eerie incident where a woman was tortured to death by a self-styled exorcist in Mancherial on August 3, a similar incident related to such superstition took place, this time in Rajanna Sircilla district.

According to reports, local residents have accosted a self-styled exorcist who was performing tantric rituals near Agraharam hills in Vemulawada and recorded the video of the pooja rituals he was performing.

The man had found an easy prey in a couple driven by superstitions and made them believe that he is capable of curing their health problems. He was performing a tantric puja ritual near the hills. Locals who watched it recorded a video and questioned the couple, their relatives and exorcist about what was happening there. The couple replied that they were reportedly unwell and hence performing pooja to get recovered from the illness.

With the local residents staying put at the scene and stonewalling their pooja attempts, the couple and the exorcist beat a hasty retreat.
This comes a few days after a horrific video went virial, showing a woman being brutally thrashed by a self-styled exorcist. She died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karimnagar on Monday night, August 3.

Here is her heart-wrenching story which led to her eventual death. Rajitha, a resident of Kundaram village in Mancherial district of Telangana, gave birth to a baby girl four months ago. She was reportedly not well for a few days and was taken to an exorcist Duggala Shyam by her family members. Claiming that Rajitha was taken over by evil spirits and promising to rid her of these invisible forces, the so-called exorcist pulled her by the hair and thrashed her repeatedly. The entire dastardly act was even captured on a smartphone and in the video the stone-hearted man was seen repeatedly thrashing her while pretending to be talking to the 'evil spirit that has possessed Rajitha'.

Even as the video evoked widespread condemnation, Rajitha could not withstand the brutal assault carried out on her due to superstitions. She died at a private hospital in Karimnagar. The police later arrested the so-called exorcist besides a few others of Rajitha's family.

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