Instant Loan Apps Scam: Chinese Among 4 Arrested By Telangana Police

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HYDERABAD: In the latest development in the instant loan apps case, Cyberabad police arrested four people on Friday. This included Chinese nationals as well.

Zia Zhang, a Chinese national currently living in Singapore was the primary accused. The police commissioner confirmed that along with Zhang, there are others involved in this operation as well. Out of the six accused, police arrested four people namely Dennis, native of Shanghai, Satyapal, Anirud Malhotra, Richi Shetty. Two other members, Zhang and Umapathi are yet to be found.

Through this instant loan apps fraud, many people have suffered. The members running these companies harass people who took loans. Many ended up taking their own lives due to this.

According to the reports, this operation started in 2019 and was expanded along the way. Several loan companies were started all across India. The accused have been running their illegal operations through these unregistered companies.

Dennis came to Delhi on a Business Visa and has been carrying out the operation. Zhang is the main man behind all this and Dennis is like the operating officer. With the help from other accused associates, Dennis opened call centres across the country.

V.C. Sajjanar, Regional Director, Smt. K. Nikhila, Reserve Bank of India and other officials had a detailed discussion today. It was confirmed by Cyberabad police that Cyber Crime Police busted Instant personal loan Apps and arrested 6 members in connection with instant personal loan apps and loan apps operated are Cash Mama, Loan zone and connected companies.

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