Cipla Scam: Fraudsters Set Up Fake Bank Accounts To Dupe Covid Patients

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The situation is bad as India is seeing a rise in the number of Covid19 cases. The country is facing a shortage of many essential Covid medical supplies. While most are trying to help, there will always be the ones who will take advantage of this situation and the vulnerable state of a family.

Recently the Pharmaceutical company Cipla issued a notice warning the customers against fraudsters. These scammers will dupe the Covid affected families and will mainly target those who need Remdesivir. The notice warns people against suspicious bank accounts that were set up by these scammers under the name of Cipla. They will ask you to transfer money into these accounts under the pretext of supplying Covid19 medicines and drugs.

Under a cautionary tweet, Cipla wrote, “Please beware that unscrupulous persons have set up bank accounts fraudulently in the name of Cipla Ltd., enticing the public to transfer funds towards the alleged supply of medicines upon remittance. These persons are not connected with, nor authorised by Cipla.”

The officials were alerted about this and an investigation in this matter is being conducted. “Authorities have been alerted and are investigating the matter,” read the notice.

Customers were once again reminded not to trust any other source and only get the Cipla products from official partners. “We urge the consumers to source Cipla products only through our authorized stockists and channel partners,” it added.

After this post was shared, many people were left horrified and shared that they transferred money to such a bank account recently. Unaware families paid for the Remedesivir injection. This is not the only way that scam is taking place. Whether it is for oxygen cylinders or arranging a bed or other Covid medical supplies, people are getting scammed while frantically trying to search for these essentials.


  • You need to get your item first and then pay for it, not the other way round. Never pay until you have received the required stuff.

  • Do not pay online, especially for injections or medical drugs. Go only for the authorized distributors and stockists and not for any random unregistered buyer.

  • Many times, these scammers will provide a number. Try and call that number before clicking any link. Check if they have a website and if that buyer has any social media accounts.

  • Once the medicine is delivered to you, check the package thoroughly. Verify the contents, show it to someone with knowledge. Once you are satisfied, make the payment.

  • Remember you are the customer. It is your right to be skeptical and to verify things. Plus when it comes to medicines, you just cannot take any risk.

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