Chhattisgarh Girl Kidnapped And Sold 7 Times; Commits Suicide

 - Sakshi Post

In a shocking incident, an 18-year old girl from Chattisgarh was allegedly kidnapped and sold for at least 7 times in the course of seven months. The selling took place in different regions of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. A total of eight persons have been arrested.

Leading to all this, the girl committed suicide last year, in September. The matter came to police’s attention after the accused men called up the girl’s parents and demanded ransom from them.

The 18- year-old victim was a native of Jashpur in Chhattisgarh. She helped her family with farming work. A relative suggested that they would take the girl to another district for work. The girl then went to Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh with her relative. The family received a call from some men demanding money. They threatened to kill the girl, if the father doesn’t agree to pay up.  

The parents then registered a complaint in the police station. Police questioned the family’s distant relatives, Pancham Singh Rai and his wife. During the interrogation, it was revealed that the relatives decided to bring the girl to Chhatarpur in search for a job.

But instead of getting a job for the girl, the relatives sold her off to a man named Kallu Raikwar for Rs 20,000. Since then the girl was trafficked for at least 7 times in the course of seven months. The last person to whom the girl was sold was Santosh Kushwah of Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh. He bought her for a sum of Rs 70,000.

During this time, the girl was also married to a mentally challenged man, Babloo Kushwah, son of the last buyer, Santosh Kushwah. The girl ended her life in September last year.

A case has been registered now with the Chhatarpur police. Officers from Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have been assigned to the investigation. A total of 8 persons have been arrested as of now. Babloo Kushwah, to whom the girl was forcibly married, is still at large. 

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