Chhattisgarh Boy Kidnapped from Alipiri Found Safe In Vijayawada After 14 Days

Alipiri Kidnap Case of Chattisgarh boy found abandoned in Vijayawada - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: The kidnap case of a six-year old boy from Alipiri bus station ended on a happy note for both the boy's family and the Tirupati Police, after the child was found abandoned near the Kanaka Durga Temple area in Vijayawada on Saturday, 14 days after being abducted.

One Town Police said that a man named Shivappa from Munniyanapalli in Karnataka abducted the boy Sivam Kumar Sahoo, on the 27th of February at Alipiri bus stand. Shivappa was married to Kalavathi of V.Kota. Apparently, the couple had lost their son recently and the man was depressed after this.

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As per reports, Sivam Kumar Sahoo's family had come from Chhattisgarh to Tirupati to have darshan at Tirumala. Before they were about to board a bus to Tirumala, the family members sat down to relax at the bus station. As they were resting, they realised that the boy was missing. They immediately filed a complaint with the Alipiri police. Based on the CCTV footage recordings they realised that a man who was sitting along with them, kidnapped the boy. Tirupati Urban police formed teams to search for the boy's whereabouts. As per the visuals in the CCTV footage, the boy was seen going willingly with the man and there was no sign of force by the man who was clad in a dhoti and carrying a plastic cover bag.

The accused who probably realised that the police were searching for the boy's whereabouts after the Tirupati police circulated his photographs in Andhra Pradesh and other states, might have changed his mind and abandoned the boy in Vijayawada and escaped. The boy's head was also tonsured to hide his identity.

There were no signs of physical harm on the boy's body and he appeared calm, indicating that he was taken care of by his abductor. Whether it was only the person or others involved in the kidnap of the boy is yet to be ascertained by the police, who are speaking to the boy.

After the medical tests and questioning of the boy is complete the boy will be handed over to his parents by the Tirupati Police on Sunday, One Town CI P Venkateswarulu said. The Police are also examining the CCTV footage near the Kanaka Durga Temple area where the boy was abandoned for further clues about the kidnapper.

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