Cheating Cased Filed Against Varudu Actor Arya

 - Sakshi Post

Tamil actor Arya became a household name with the movie 'Varudu' in which he played a villain. Before Varudu, Arya was seen in several other movies but none of them performed well at the box office.

The latest news about the actor we hear is that a cheating case has been allegedly lodged against Arya by a German national from Sri Lanka. The victim, known as Vidja, has accused Arya of promising to marry her and borrowing around Rs 80 lakhs during the lockdown period. 

According to Vidja, Arya and her mother were threatened when she asked Arya to pay back her money.  Arya’s mother Jameela is said to have verbally abused Vidja and called her “the daughter of a Sri Lankan dog" and reportedly told her that she was one of those who migrate to different countries because of the war. She further added that Arya has been threatening her asking her to withdraw her complaint. 

So far, neither Arya or his wife Sayeesha has responded to any of the news at the moment. Here's the complaint letter by Vidja to Union Home Ministry. Take a look at it:

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