Canadian Fashion Designer Peter Nygard Charged With Trafficking And Assault

 - Sakshi Post

On Tuesday, the Fashion tycoon, Peter Nygard (79) was charged with sex trafficking, assault and other crimes. This involves various women and has been going on since the last 25 years. It majorly took place in three important countries.

On the U.S government’s call, the Canadian police arrested Nygard in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 1995, Nygard has taken advantage of his power and influence in order to recruit women and satisfy his and his friends’ desire. These activities would take place in the United States, Canada and the Bahamas. A lot of his victims were minor girls and vulnerable women.

Speaking on behalf of Nygard, his lawyer Jay Prober “Mr. Nygard vehemently denies all the allegations and expects to be vindicated in court.” The next hearing will be on Jan. 13, 2021. But before that Nygard plans to get out on bail.

Apart from this, a group of women have got together and charged Nygard with a class-action civil litigation. They accused him of sexual assault. Nygard has further denied all these charges.

According to the charges, Nygard would take these girls to parties as his girlfriends. Force them to have sex with other men. His parties would be “Lavish” in terms of these things.

Earlier this year in the month of February, Nygard left his position as the chairman of Nygard International when His office near Times Square New York was raided.

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