Canada Man Cheats Hyderabad Woman Via Matrimonial Site Promising Gold Worth Crore

 - Sakshi Post

A young woman from Hyderabad has been the victim of matrimony fraud. We have seen many cases in the recent past where in young men and women have been falling victims to the matrimony fraud. A few days ago, a man was cheated by a Hyderabadi woman on an online matrimonial portal. And now, a new case came into light.

A woman who joined the portal a few months ago, liked a photo on a matrimonial site. Later, both of them exchanged their numbers in October 2020 and started chatting frequently. The fraudster claimed to be residing in Canada and said that he has been working as a doctor.

After a few days, the man said that the engagement should be in a grand manner. He said that he is sending gold and jewellery worth Rs. 1 crore and told the girl that he is gifting her before the marriage. After a few days, the girl got a call saying that, 'We are calling from Delhi airport. You have got gold and jewellery worth Rs. 1 crore but according to the rules, we can't handover the parcel to you unless you pay a tax of Rs. 10.69 lakh. If you pay the total amount, you can take the parcel with you."

The girl paid the entire amount and later she tried to call the same number, but it wasn't reachable. She even tried to call the person with whom she has been talking from long time. Unfortunately, that number was also switched off. She tried calling him numerous times but the call wasn't connected. So, she filed a complaint in the Cyber Crime.

Police started investigation and arrested Mohammad Haseen who is a resident of Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. The police said that woman should be careful in giving all their personal details to unknown persons and they should be cautious in making payments to persons whom they don't know.

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