Bapatla Murder Case: Bengali Strangles Colleague To Death, Buries Him

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Chhattisgarh engineer goes missing on January 23

The young man who works with him is the killer

Police identified the suspect with CCTV footage

Shocking things at trial

Bapatla: The murder mystery of a Chhattisgarh youth killed in the Guntur district has been revealed. Yuvraj Vishwakarma, a young man, was killed by his friend Amarjeet, police said.

A Chhattisgarh youth who went missing in Bapatla in the Guntur district has been killed. A Bengali who worked with him strangled him to death and buried him. The police concluded that he was behind the atrocity for money.

Amarjeet, who caused a bike accident and caused the death of an old woman, asked for money to compromise in the case. If you go into the details of this event, it is as follows.

The third railway line between Vijayawada and Chennai is under construction. GR Infra, which is carrying out the project, has set up camp near the Kebipalem railway gate near Bapatla. It employs up to 150 engineers and staff. Yuvraj Vishwakarma, 34, of Bhilai in Chhattisgarh, has been working as an engineer at GR Infra for two years. He was recently promoted to assistant manager.

Amarjeet Mandal of Murshidabad in West Bengal also works as a pump operator here. With this, Vishwakarma and Amarjeet became friends. Amarjeet recently had an accident at Eepurupalem under Prakasam District Chirala Rural Police Station. An old woman was killed in a collision with his bike. He needed Rs 2 lakhs to compromise in the case.

Amarjeet told Yuvraj Vishwakarma that he needed some money and he said he could not give it to him. Amarjeet then took revenge on Vishwakarma for not giving him any money.

On January 23, the two left the camp office on a bike. They went to Ponnur in order to inspect the construction works and drank alcohol on their way to the site.

Amarjeet, who had brought Vishwakarma under the Nallamada Vagu R&B Bridge, got into an argument with him to get money. He choked him with a knife saying he would not give up.

Vishwakarma took the ATM card from his purse. Amarjeet urged Vishwakarma, who was already out of breath, to tell him the ATM pin number. Still, he did not say the pin number so he slit his throat again with the knife and killed him.

Amarjeet buried the body under the bridge. And as Vishwakarma had two phones he buried one of the two phones of Vishwakarma nearby and threw the other in the river. He left the bike near the Ponnur railway bridge and went to the camp office not knowing what to do.

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