Arvind Kejriwal's Daughter Scammed; Loses Rs 34000 In Online Fraud

 - Sakshi Post

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter, Harshita Kejriwal lost Rs. 34,000 in an online scam. She was trying to sell an old sofa on a famous online website, and instead lost a hefty amount.

Such frauds are increasing day by day, especially with the sale-purchase online platform OLX, where even Harshita got scammed. A person lists their item for sale on OLX and most of the time they end up getting calls from scammers.

According to the police report, Harshita first listed an old sofa on OLX to sell. She soon got a call from a buyer and she finalized the deal with him. For payment, the buyer asked her to scan a barcode and said the required amount would transfer into her bank account. To ascertain authenticity, the fraud buyer first transferred a small amount into her account. Later a total of Rs 34,000 got debited from Harshita’s account. In the first installment it was Rs 20,000 and then Rs 14,000.

A case has been registered with the police in the Civil Lines Police Station. Investigation is underway and the police are now trying to track the scammer.

Harshita got scammed in a similar manner that many others did. This is similar to the RBI scam that duped many people. People would get calls from buyers claiming they work in the Indian Military and have a bank account linked directly to RBI. This scam was led through paytm, Google pay and other such online payment platforms.

These people first transfer a small amount into your bank account to deliver authenticity and later when you scan their given barcode or click on the number they have sent, instead of getting money from their bank account, you end up sending money from your account.

Not just the RBI and Indian Military scam, these fraudsters now have new ways of scamming people. Through either barcode or a link or a simple phone number, they have different methods. Many people have advised only to deal in person and in cash when trying to sell something on OLX or any other website. 

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