Anantapur Pregnant Woman Cites Dowry Harassment In Suicide Note Posted On Facebook

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A lady moved to her mother’s house four years ago due to frequent disagreements between the spouses. She divorced her husband and staying with her parents. Then she fell in love with a man from the same village. She married him. As she did not bring a dowry, inlaws started harassing her. Not only in-laws, every member of the family verbally abused her. 

She was devastated that the harassment had not stopped even after being six months pregnant. She eventually committed suicide by writing a letter and posting a video on her Facebook account. The incident took place in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Going into details... Shobha was the daughter of Appannagouda and Umadevi, a couple from Nidraghatta village of Ananthpur district. Shobha was married to his Uncle at the age of 17. However, due to frequent arguments, she came to her parents four years ago. Then she fell in love with Srinivas and married him. They had a 3-year-old son and Shobha is six months pregnant.

Being fed up with the harassment she wrote a letter for the reasons for her death. She also posted a video on Facebook and hanged. She stated that her in-laws family was responsible for her death.  Shobha's mother Umadevi lodged a complaint and the police are investigating the case. 

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