Anantapur: Mother Hires Contract Killers to Eliminate Son For Questioning Her Extramarital Affair

 - Sakshi Post

A mother turned murderer after her son raised an objection to her extra-marital affair. She ganged up with her lover and brutally murdered her son. This tragic incident happened in Polevandlapally of Anantapur district.

Bala Chinna was the son of Subbalakshmi living in Polevandlapally. Subbalakshmi had an extramarital affair with a man from the same village. After the son questioned her relationship, she decided to kill her son. She plotted a murder plan along with her lover and hired some people to kill Bala Chinna.

After Chinna was dead, the police registered a case on the incident and started investigating. When they doubted Subbalakshmi and interrogated her, the truth behind the murder was known. The police arrested five people, including Subbalakshmi and her lover. A handgun was seized from them. 

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