Ambani Bomb Scare Case: Hiren’s SUV Number Plate Found in Sachin Waze’s Car

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In the latest development to the Ambani Bomb scare case, it was revealed that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has now seized a Mercedes car that belongs to Mumbai Police officer Sachin Waze. According to the reports, the car had numerous items including the original number plate of the Bomb laden car that belonged to Mansukh Hiran.

Along with the number plate, the NIA also recovered a note counting machine, Rs 5,75,000 cash, few clothing items and kerosene. It was reported that Waze had parked the Mercedes somewhere close to his Mumbai office. The Mercedes and the now seized items further the investigation regarding the planting of Hiren’s SUV in front of Ambani’s house, Antilia.

During the investigation, NIA found that the number plate attached to the SUV in front of Ambani’s house was fake. They were later able to recover the original number plate from the officer’s car. Sources are saying that Waze parked the car with the fake number plate.

The officer wanted to destroy all the evidence including the clothes he wore while parking the bomb-laden car. This is what the kerosene was going to be used for.

What is it About?

Mansukh Hiran was a businessman who was found dead at around 10 am on March 5. His body was found at the Mumbra Reti Bunder on the banks of a creek but his car was elsewhere. The car was found parked in front of Ambani’s house. It caused panic as the car had explosives in it.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested a Mumbai cop Sachin Waze on Sunday for his alleged role in the Mukesh Ambani Bomb threat case. The NIA questioned Waze for over 13 hours and later arrested him.

He is currently in NIA’s custody.

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