All Those WhatsApp Forwards For COVID Orphans Adoption Could be Child Trafficking

 - Sakshi Post

Officials warn that the child traffickers can be very active during this time. The crisis situation is what gives them a window. You might read posts on social media regarding the adoption of children who are now orphaned after losing their parents to Covid19. Police have warned the people to be careful and not believe these posts easily. An investigation will be carried out in UP.

The UP state officials have warned its citizens to be careful of such posts. The police will conduct an operation and a thorough investigation will take place. They are now trying to gather information on the credibility of such posts and the exact number of children who lost their parents in the pandemic.

As of now, social media has become the front runner for spreading fake news. People use these platforms to carry out their illegal plans. For many months, messages and posts regarding orphaned children are doing rounds on social media. Posts that tell an emotional story of the kid and how he/she lost their parents in the pandemic.

There are many such posts. One post read, “If anyone wishes to adopt a girl, please feel free to contact. One girl is 3 days old and another is six months old, and they have lost their parents recently due to Covid. Please help these kids get a new life.” The child activists in Lucknow became wary of the post and started investigating the matter.

Child activists are now requesting everyone to report such posts to them. They will try to investigate the credibility behind it. Chances are that these posts have been made by child traffickers who are using the pandemic crisis as an opportunity to carry out their illegal plans.

To verify the adoption message, a child activist called up on the mobile number provided, acting as a parent looking to adopt. The person giving away the girl was not ready to disclose her identity and had no proper information about her. Lucknow police are now trying to investigate the matter.

The state’s department of women and child development is also providing their help. Many children orphaned by the pandemic are at risk of getting trafficked.

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