Adultery: Vizag Woman, Paramour Beat Husband To Death With Pressure Cooker

Adultery: Vizag Woman, Paramour Beat Husband To Death With Pressure Cooker - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: Crimes related to adultery continue to be on the rise in the State, and in one such incident a woman and her paramour killed her husband in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

The incident came to light after a decomposed body was found next to drainage in the city. The police upon investigation solved the crime after their questioned the woman. The woman had allegedly killed her husband along with her  18-year-old lover and tried to make it look like a missing case.

As per reports in Sakshi, Budumuru Murali was a professor working in the African nation of Eretria, He was living alone in the country, while his family lived in the Madhurawada area. Murali has married ten years ago to a woman named Mridula from the Srikakulam district and they have a seven-year-old son. As Murali was away from home, Mridula developed illicit relations with a young boy  minor named Shanker who was staying in Rickshaw Colony for the past year. Shankar turned 18 in January this year.

Her husband who found out about their relationship warned Mridula to stay away from him. However, she filed a case of harassment against Murali. This was known to his mother and brother who were living in Srikakulam. Since Murali was suspicious about her behavior, he used to tell his family members that his life was in danger.

Murali had come back to the country on the ninth of July for the holidays and planned to visit his mother on the 11th. Meanwhile, Mridula told Shankar that her husband Murali would stay in Visakhapatnam for 60 days and they would not be able to meet in this period.

Shankar is said to have told her that they could be together if they killed him and accordingly, both of them hatched a plan to kill Murali while he was sleeping at home. She is said to have clobbered the sleeping man on his head with a pressure cooker and Shankar helped her in holding him back. Together they hit him multiple times till he subsequently died.

They wrapped his dead body in a blanket making it look like a clothes bundle and took it on his two-wheeler and dumped it near Marikavalasa open land, which is about two kilometers away. Three days later, as the body started smelling they went back in the night and poured petrol on the body and set it on fire. Locals who were passing the area complained of foul smelling coming from the area. When the Police checked they saw the decomposed body of a person. 

Meanwhile, Murali’s mother was worried when her son did not come home. That's when  Mridula went and complained to the PM Palem police that her husband Murali was missing. Sensing something amiss, the police spoke to the victim’s family members and questioned her. Upon questioning, she confessed to the truth. Shankar and Mridula were taken into custody by the PM Palem police.

Murali's mother and his family members demanded that Mridula and Shankar, who killed Murali in such a gruesome manner should be convicted with the strictest of punishment.

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