Addiction To Online Games, Mental Stress Drives Teen To Suicide In Paderu

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VISAKHAPATNAM: A teenager who was under mental stress and addicted to online games committed suicide by jumping into a well on Sunday.

According to Paderu SI Srinivas, the deceased  Jayakumar (19), was the son of RMP doctor Sanku Sankara Rao, living in  Neelkantha Nagar (Chakalipeta) at Paderu in the Visakhapatnam agency area. The boy was said to be highly addicted to PUBG  and other online games.

Due to this addiction, the boy suffered mental problems last year and his parents had taken him to King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam for psychiatric treatment.

His health improved after the treatment and the use of drugs to treat his mental condition.

Off late Jayakumar, started getting hooked to online games again, which also caused severe mental stress.

Apparently, Jayakumar left home at 5.30 am on Sunday. As he did not come home even at night, his father searched for him, but he was not to be found.

On Monday, people found his body in a well opposite the Mandal Parishad Office. His phone was left at the ledge of the well and people immediately called the Police. The body was fished out and sent for post mortem and his parents were informed about his death.

Paderu YSRCP MLA K Bhagyalakshmi came to the colony to offer condolences to the bereaved family. Meanwhile, SI Srinivas registered a case of suspicious death and is investigating the matter.

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