8 Year Old Girl Strangled To Death In Tamil Nadu For Asking To Switch On TV

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CHENNAI: An eight-year-old girl had to pay the ultimate price of losing her life in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. She was killed by an angry neighbour after the innocent girl asked him to switch on the television. According to the Tamil Nadu police, this shocking incident happened in Tuticorin district.

The minor girl, whose named was not revealed, lived with her single mother who ekes out a living as a daily wage labourer. The girl, studying in class 3, was in the habit of visiting her neighbour’s house to watch TV.  On Wednesday, she went to the neighbour’s house as usual and asked the man there to turn on the television. She did not realize that the man in question was in an angry mood and was actually quarrelling with his father over some issue.

According to the police, the man, already in a bad mood, was enraged by the little girl’s request and in a fit of rage, strangulated her to death. He later stuffed the girl’s body inside a plastic drum before sealing it firmly with a lid. Instead of showing any remorse over his cruel act, the man took the help of one of his friends to shift the minor girl’s body to a nearby bridge and threw it down into the canal below.

But his act of disposing the little girl’s body did not go unnoticed. An eyewitness who saw the body falling into the water with a thud, alerted the police. After retrieving the body from the water, the police swung into investigation which revealed the chilling details of the horrific murder committed in rage.

The accused and his friend, who assisted in transporting the body to the bridge, were arrested, an ndtv.com report quoted the police as saying.

The police suspect this could also be a case of sexual abuse of a minor. A police officer said they are waiting for the autopsy report to see if there was also a sexual assault involved in the case. "We've filed a case of murder besides invoking sections under POCSO," Tuticorin senior police officer S Jayakumar said, referring to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

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