Kurnool ASI Tips Off Hyderabad Cops On Loan Apps Chinese Call Centre, Hands Over Son

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: An Andhra Pradesh police officer handed over his own son to the Hyderabad cyber crime police department after his alleged involvement in the “Instant Loan Apps Scam” case. The Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) from Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh after getting information on his son’s involvement in the scam, tipped off the Hyderabad cyber crime branch and turned him over to the police.

The ASI told Hyderabad police about his son’s work in a call centre. His son worked in the same companies that harassed the loan defaulters. These call centres that were setup by Chinese nationals, resulted in more than 20,000 crore fraud. The money was sent off from India to China in the form of bitcoins.

The ASI’s son, K Nagaraju was incharge of four of the main call centres; Liufang Technologies, Aglow Technologies, Pin-Print Technologies and Nabloom Technologies in Bengaluru. Nagaraju even roped in his brother Eswar Kumar and took him to Bengaluru and Pune. Both the brothers were then operating the call centres in these cities.

The ASI asked his son to return home, immediately. Upon reaching home, Nagaraju was taken away by the Hyderabad police, waiting for him. The ASI also helped the police with all the details.

The Hyderabad police also arrested four persons including Chinese nationals. Zhu Wei aka Lambo was said to be the head of four call centres. Later during the investigation, the name, Yuan Yuan aka Sissi came to light. Sissi is the kingpin and the one responsible for setting up the entire operation in India. Through the instant loan apps, these people were able to extract Rs. 21,000 crore from the defaulters (victims).

Nagaraju and his brother Eswar Kumar were handling the employee data. All the employees of Bengaluru and Pune call centres were under their supervision.

The instant loan apps scam came to light after multiple suicide cases from Telangana. Cases of harassment, blackmail and suicide were also reported from other Indian states. The Telangana police are now investigating the case and have also put a ban on these apps. The police even requested Google to take all these apps off from the Play store and further advised the public to immediately report the police, in case they are stuck up in a similar situation. 

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