T20 World Cup: India Has Two Options to Enter Semifinals, Deets Inside

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Team India's performance in the recently held two T20 World Cup matches against Pakistan and New Zealand is best forgotten. Even though the matches are being held thousands of miles away from the country, Indian cricket Fans back home are experiencing a range of emotions - from anger and disappointment to sadness and distress. They are just unable to come to terms with the way things have turned against India at the T0 World Cup this season.

India has lost two matches back to back and is all set to face Afghanistan in today's game. The pressure on Team India and particularly, skipper Virat Kohli is at its peak. It will be a do-or-die match against Afghanistan for India.

So, what are the chances of India making it to the semi-finals in the T20 World Cup? Well, as we mentioned earlier, India has to win all three matches and with a high run rate. So, the road to the T20 World Cup semi-finals may not be rosy for Team India.

There are two ways India can enter the T20 semifinals. Now, India will play against three countries.

One against Afghanistan on November 3, Two, against Scotland on November 5, and another against Namibia on November 8. Not only India should win all three matches to grab 6 points in the table but also ensure the run rate is high.

On the other hand, it is important that New Zealand and Afghanistan lose the remaining matches. New Zealand is yet to play against Namibia, Afghanistan and Scotland. While Namibia and Scotland may be a cakewalk for New Zealand, the country has to put up a tough fight against Afghanistan. So, even if New Zealand loses against Afghans and wins against the other two countries, it will still earn 6 points.

On the other hand, Afghanistan has two matches left - one against India and another against New Zealand. Should India beat Afghanistan then the latter will be left with just 4 points. However, what will seal India's fate in the semifinals will be the match between New Zealand and Afghanistan. If New Zealand wins, then it will mark the end of both Afghanistan and India in the T20 World Cup 2021.

However, should Afghanistan win the match against New Zealand, then both India and New Zealand will have six points each and their entry into the semifinals will be decided by which cricket team has the highest run rate. The bottom line is it is crucial for India to ensure it wins all three matches with the highest run rate.

Will India make it to the semifinals of the T20 World Cup? Let's hope so.

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