Messi's Contract With Barcelona Leaked by Newspaper, Can You Guess The Figures?

 - Sakshi Post

Spanish newspaper El Mundo earlier revealed the contract details of footballer Lionel Messi and the figures are astoundingly high. It was reported that the pay for Messi over the four seasons for Barcelona is €555,237,619.

According to the contract, the footballer will be receiving a high amount of €555,237,619 ($673,919,105) over four seasons playing for Barcelona. This is approximately 4920 crore rupees in Indian money. This division goes to €138,000,000 per season.

Messi has already been paid €511,540,545. His contract will expire in June 2021. Along with this, Messi will also receive €115,225,000 as contract renewal bonus and €77,929,955 as a loyalty bonus. This is the highest a sportsperson was ever paid in history.

Messi signed the contract in November 2017 and it will come to an end on June 30, this year. Over the course of his time with the team, Messi played the team to its win in 2018 and 2019 La Liga. The end of the contract and Barcelona's poor performance in Europe came together.

Even though Messi helped the team to its victory in La Liga, the Champions League was lost after their elimination by Roma, Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

“El Mundo today, what a bomb. Leo Messi’s contract with Barcelona revealed on the front page. @elmundoes”

- €555,237,619 contract [4 years].

- €138m per season fixed + variables.

- €115,225,000 as ‘renewal fee’ just for accepting the contract.

- €77,929,955 as loyalty bonus.

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