IPL2021: Franchises Confident Over Foreign Players, Begin to Talk With UAE Hotels

 - Sakshi Post

The BCCI stated on Saturday that the remaining IPL match will be held in the UAE in September-October, and the board has already begun working out logistics with the clubs. While they want to relocate by the end of August, a final decision will be made after conversations with the BCCI.

Another point of conversation is whether or not foreign stars will be available for the tournament. The franchises are certain that the BCCI will contact the foreign boards about the players' participation in the IPL. One of the franchise officials stated that conversations on the subject have begun, but that a lot will depend on the UAE's quarantine regulations.

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“As of now, we only know that the rest of the IPL will take place in the UAE following Saturday's Special General Meeting. We also know that the BCCI office-bearers are currently in Dubai, where they are discussing the plan of action with the ECB. So, once we have a clear picture of the protocols that will be in place, particularly in regards to teams quarantining after arriving in the UAE, we will go forward to block the hotel rooms" Said, officials

In addition, the official stated that the accommodations will be similar to those utilized during the IPL last year. “Discussions are ongoing, and once we receive confirmation from the BCCI on the travel schedule, we will finalize the agreement with the hotel.

"Yes, if we do wind up missing any of the foreign stars, it is an area that will require some consideration when it comes to replacing them, as foreign players are as important to the teams. The official said, "Team balance can go for a toss, so fingers crossed on that one." said Officials

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