IPL 2021: No Matches In Wankhede Stadium?

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Mumbai: The 14 season of IPL is about to start soon. However, even before the launch of the IPL matches this season, coronavirus has placed hurdles in its way. In Mumbai's Wankhede stadium where the matches are to be held, the stadium staff are said to have contracted the coronavirus.

Eight staff members of the Wankhede stadium have tested positive for Covid-19 days before the IPL 14th season is set to launch, dampening the spirit of sports lovers and organizers. The eight members of the staff who tested positive for corona have been shifted to isolation wards.

Now, owing to this situation, the BCCI is wondering if they should go ahead with hosting the match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals at the Stadium on April 10th as per schedule.

BCCI is revisiting the thought on conducting the matches in Wankhede stadium now. BCCI is also debating if the IPL matches should be held at all, owing to the fresh Covid cases being discovered in Wankhede stadium.

We all know that BCCI had earlier taken a key decision to host the IPL matches this season in only six venues due to coronavirus being rampant in the country. 

The venues for the matches to be held were confined to six locations including, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

They had arranged for eight franchise matches of the IPL to be played in six venues, without any home advantage for any of the teams. With just six days to go before the 14th season of the IPL 2021 matches, the Wankhede stadium seems to have got exposed to the coronavirus infection. Now let's see what decision BCCI will take in the light of new covid cases.

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