IPL 2021: Major Changes In Indian Premier League Season 14

 - Sakshi Post

Indian Premier League (IPL) 13th season has ended and work on the IPL season 14 which is set for 2021 has begun. IPL 14 is likely to be held in March, April and May. It is not possible to postpone IPL like the 2020 season 13 because India will also have to host the T20 World Cup. So, the Board of Cricket for Control in India (BCCI) and the governing body of IPL have started work on IPL 14. They have come up with a new proposal as per which instead of eight teams, they are likely to add the ninth team. The preparations for IPL 14 have already begun.

Probability and major changes that are likely to happen in IPL 2021

1.     The BCCI is likely to conduct the auction for IPL 2021. It will take place at the end of December or First week of January. If it happens the appearance of teams will change. The BCCI has asked teams and players to get ready for the auction and one more team will be added, said a senior IPL franchise official.

2.     In IPL 2020 due to Covid scare, the audience were not allowed into the stadium. But this time with proper guidelines the fans will be allowed into the stadium.

3.     The Motera Stadium in Gujarat is the largest stadium as per capacity. It has the capacity to hold some 1,10,00 people at once. Ahmedabad is set to host next year's IPL matches. The ninth team could be Gujarat Motera being their home ground.

4.     Some of the big IPL players in 2020, may not be seen in IPL 2021. Players like Harbhajan Singh, Amit Mishra and Imran Thair might not play next year

5.     New sponsors might come. The three-year proposal by Dream 11 was rejected due to low bid amounts for 2021 and 2022.

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