IPL 2021: KKR Player Venkatesh Iyer Gave Up CA For Cricket

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Venkatesh Iyer makes IPL debut with KKR.

Venkatesh Iyer who made his debut with Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2021 shares that he almost chose another path. Yes, Iyer was a bright student and if he wanted to, he could have gone into some professional field. Even the cricketer shared that it might seem strange but I was someone who was interested in academics.

When you think of a typical South Indian family, the parents usually push the kids into focusing on studies. But in his case, it was different. As a kid, he liked studying and was interested in academics. But his mother pushed him to play cricket. This is rare in such families.

Now Iyer thanks his mother for giving him a push into this field. He is now playing for Kolkata Knight Riders. Iyer, who plays for Madhya Pradesh in domestic matches, began his cricket career in the same way that most Indian children do. It was meant for his past time. This started as my mother would tell me to go out and play. My parents would encourage me to go outside instead of staying indoors all the time and this is why I would play cricket, for time pass.

He had an interest in studies and wanted to pursue CA. The KKR player was enrolled in both B.Com and chartered accountancy. Iyer had a choice to make, after passing the intermediate exam in 2016. If he attempts the CA finals it would mean giving up cricket or putting it on hold for the time being. But in the end, he decided to give up CA.

Fortunately, Iyer was helped a lot by everyone around him. He would study well and get good scores. But while playing cricket, he couldn’t obviously attend the classes. The teachers helped him by taking care of the attendance and conducting separate exams for him. Luckily for Iyer, he was also a brilliant student, so it didn’t take much to score well in academics.

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