Indian Fans Blame Shami for Loss to Pakistan, Check Angry Reactions

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There is no doubt that Indian cricket fans were left disappointed with yesterday’s loss against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match. But what happened after that was something which probably everybody anticipated. Many fans were not happy with the loss and they let out their anger on the players by bashing them online.

Captain Virat Kohli was called the ‘evil one’, the ‘unlucky cricketer’, and more. No one from the team was spared. But one particular player that received a lot of slack was Mohammed Shami. He was trolled brutally. Netizens left nasty comments under the cricketer’s Instagram post. They called him a traitor, a “Pakistani in disguise” and more.

“Hara diya bhai tumne (You made us lose)”, commented a fan. “He is a Pakistani in team India,” wrote another one. He was playing from Pakistan’s side, Shami is a traitor and many such remarks were made.

Others were standing in support of Shami and Team India. “Well bowled champ. You tried your best, but it just wasn't our day today,” posted a fan. “Genuine India Fans won't say anything bad! They'll support the players in bad times. I SUPPORT YOU SHAMI.”

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The T20 World Cup encounter between India and Pakistan was a great disappointment for the Indian cricket fans. The match took place at the Dubai International Stadium and many fans even flew all the way to cheer for the team. But it was sad for the millions of fans who watched it from home as well as those who traveled all the way to Dubai. 

Pakistan won the toss and decided to let the rivals bat first. India lost a few important wickets early on which might have worried everyone. But it was Virat Kohli along with Rishabh Pant that turned the match around to set a decent target in the end.

Indian fans were hopeful of the win but nothing helped as the Pakistan side was on fire. The opening batsmen from their side, kind of sealed the victory at the beginning itself. They got a 10 wicket win over India.

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