Amul’s Viral Meme On IPL 2021 Suspension Will Leave You in Splits

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Amul's viral meme about the IPL 2021 suspension will make you laugh out loud.

Following the announcement that the IPL 2021 will be suspended, many companies used the opportunity to poke fun at the decision by using it as a marketing strategy to support their businesses.

New Delhi: Following the announcement that the IPL 2021 was suspended, several companies seized the opportunity to poke fun at the decision while using it as a marketing tool to support their businesses. Amul was the best of them all.

The well-known dairy company has a sizable following on social media and it consistently engages its viewers with its innovative advertisements based on relevant themes and issues in the country.

Following the news of the IPL's suspension, the dairy tycoon created a clever meme, which has since gone viral on social media sites.

The caption for the post read, "#Amul Topical: IPL 2021 suspended due to CoVid-19!" It was also accompanied by a picture, which appears to show three foreign players getting ready to return to their respective countries. However, it was the picture's title, "Indian Postponed League," that had everyone rolling on the floor laughing. The three foreign players were from separate teams.

Following the indefinite postponement of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which was declared on Tuesday (May 4th), the Indian cricket board has been left red-faced, with concerns posed about the loopholes in following the COVID protocol and the bio-bubble meant for the safety of the players.

The English players, on the other hand, arrived in the United Kingdom yesterday, while the Australian players are reportedly on their way to the Maldives, as Australia has imposed a travel ban on people from India.

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