Good Content is An Asset, Says Prerna Goel

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WhizCo is a leading influencer management company, handling thousands of content creators in various languages on leading social media platforms and short-video apps. In an exclusive interview with Sakshi Post, Ms Prerna Goel—CMO and Co-founder of WhizCo, tells Amartya Smaran about the challenges of managing 50K content creators in a competitive environment.

1)      Prerna, what propelled you to come up with this idea of helping content creators to grow on various platforms?

Prerna Goel: It was very spontaneous. We actually started off as a regular Instagram page where we used to feature content creators. We were the very first to do this. We actually got 100k followers in time. As a result, our messages got flooded with budding creators to feature them on our account. They used to gain traction and followers by getting published on our account. That is how we became a part of the creator economy.

2)      Content Creation nowadays is such a competitive market, and you manage over 50000 content creators. What are the challenges that you face on a regular basis?

Prerna Goel: The creator economy has become massive. Though it’s competitive, the market has a place to accommodate a lot of creators. Nano, micro, macro, and every category has opportunities at the moment. But this definitely requires integrity. A creator needs to work hard to grow their social profiles because the platforms are looking for quality.

3)      Let’s say I own a channel on Instagram, and I am absolutely frustrated that no matter how good my content is, there is no traction in the numbers. How would you help me out?

Prerna Goel: The approach is to be consistent. We always encourage creators to be creative and post regularly. We also help them with trending hashtags, music etc. so that they could trend in the explore section and thus eventually gain numbers.

4)      Prerna, What kind of technology does Whizco use in order to build an image for content creators?

Prerna Goel: We do not use any technology for this.

5)      Can any content creator approach you or is there a prerequisite to making the cut?

Prerna Goel: No, there is no prerequisite to becoming a part of WhizCo. We consider all creators equally and whoever looks like a good fit for the programmes that we run for various platforms, we onboard them. 

6)      What does your clientele expect from you Prerna? Did you encounter a situation where you couldn’t reach the desired goal? If yes, how did you deal with the situation?

Prerna Goel: We are expected to meet the deliverables given to us by platforms. We have always over delivered. That is our main aim. So we always get repeat business from all our clients. 

7)      What do you think is the future of digital media? Do you see the platform moving in the right direction?

Prerna Goel: Digital is on the rise for sure. All the platforms are investing in creators and getting good content on the platform as it is a form of asset. Social commerce is a very upcoming trend in digital now and all the major players are betting on it. So it looks like we as a company are moving in the right direction where the economy is only expected to grow multifold in the coming years.

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