Tirupati Theatre Housefull On First Day Of Reopening

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After a long wait, theatres across Andhra Pradesh have been thrown open. However, permission only has a 50% occupancy. Theatres reopened in Tirupati on Friday. In Andhra Pradesh, only one theatre came forward to rake the risk of reopening. And much to their relief, the allotted seats were totally booked on the very first day. The theatre management was thrilled looking at the huge crowd that throned their theatre.

Earlier, the government allowed theatres to open from October 15 but the managements were unwilling to open for various reasons. Now, we hear that theatres have been requesting a cut in the power tariff. As a general rule across the country in view of the COVID pandemic, theatres have been ordered to run the show with just 50 per cent seating. However, theatre owners argue that irrespective of the size of the audience, power consumption is the same which they see as a burden owing to their sales being halved.

Meanwhile, theatres are carefully considering the option of opening up the theatres in view of the risks involved. Theatres across the towns are all set to follow the new normal. Thanks to the new Hollywood release Tenet, movies are running to packed houses and the collections are impressive too. In India alone, the first-day box office collections of Tenet was said to be in crores.

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