Check Malayalam Actress Revathy's Harassers' List

Malayalam actress Revathy Sampath  shares list of names who allegedly harassed her - Sakshi Post

In another ‘Me Too’  in the Malayalam film Industry, an actress named Revathy Sampath took to her social media page sharing the names of 14 people including a National Award Winning director, an actor, and even a police officer, whom she stated had allegedly harassed her verbally.

The actress in her long Facebook post has revealed names, including actor Siddique, director Rajesh Touchriver, a doctor and a Sub-Inspector.

 "This list comprised of people who have sexually, mentally, emotionally, and verbally harassed me. I am mentioning the names of these criminals below," she wrote in her social media post which was in Malayalam. 

Here's the list of names mentioned by Revathy Sampath: 

1) Rajesh Touchriver (Director)

2) Siddique (Actor)

3) Ashique Mahi (Photographer)

4) Shiju (Actor)

5) Abil Dev (Kerala Fashion League founder) 

6) Ajay Prabhakar (Doctor) 

7) MS Padhush (Abuser) 

8) Sourabh Krishnan (Cyber Bully) 

9) Nandu Ashokan (Abuser, DYFI Unit Committee member, Nedunkar) 

10) Maxwell Jose (Short film director) 

11) Shanoob Karuvath and Chackos Cakes (Ad director) 

12) Ragendh Pai (Cast Me Perfect, Casting Director) 

13) Sarun Leo (ESAF Bank Agent, Valiyathura)

14) Binu (Sub Inspector of Police, Poonthura Police Station, Thiruvananthapuram)," wrote Revathy on her Facebook page. 

The actress had posted the whole story of the harassment that she underwent in their hands in a separate post detailing how they had verbally abused her for speaking against the seniors as she was a newcomer on June 12.

She shared the pictures of the persons who had allegedly harrased her: Check Out the posts here: 


In 2019 she alse made a 'Me Too' allegation against Siddique accusing him of harrasing  her in 2016. Check out her post here:

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