UPSC Rules Out Re-Exam for No-Show Students

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According to UPSC, if a candidate fails to attend an examination, there is no opportunity for a re-examination.

New Delhi: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has informed the Supreme Court that if a candidate fails to sit the test on the scheduled date for any reason, there is no opportunity for a re-examination.

The UPSC stated in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court that it typically holds 13 examinations per year, in addition to several recruitment tests, and that there is no provision for a re-examination in the event that a candidate fails to appear in the examination for any reason, including illness or accident incapacitating him or her.

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It claims to administer the civil service examinations in full line with the government's examination rules, which are updated annually. It was underlined that any decision on age relaxation and compensatory/extra attempts is a policy concern that falls under the purview of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT).

The top court was informed on Monday that the DoPT would have to make the decision on extra tries to sit in the UPSC examination.

Three candidates who had passed the UPSC-2021 preliminary exam but were unable to compete in all papers of the main exam after testing positive for COVID-19 petitioned the Supreme Court for a second chance to take the exams.

The UPSC stated that it has never held a re-examination in such circumstances in the past.

According to the report, a cycle has developed that encompasses recruiting, training, and ultimate appointment, and disrupting it could have cascading implications in the future.

The commission stated that the question of compensatory/extra attempts had been considered by the Supreme Court in light of the challenges suffered by aspirants as a result of the epidemic, but that the request had been denied.

It stated that the Department of Transportation is also a stakeholder in the civil service test process and that its views should be taken into account. The issue will be heard again by the Supreme Court on March 25.

After participating in various preliminary papers, two of the three petitioners had to abandon the major test, which was held from January 7 to January 16, in the middle. Due to COVID, the third candidate was unable to appear in any of the papers.

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