Scholarship Programs for Those Who Lost Their Parents or Jobs to Covid-19

 Scholarship Programs for Those Who Lost Their Parents or Jobs to Covid-19 - Sakshi Post

Covid-19 is undeniably a global health crisis that has disrupted on-campus learning, driven widespread unemployment, and left many searching for preventive measures to curb the virus itself. Amid the uncertainty, there are a few institutions that have come together to serve the world through learning, one such institution is Careerera

Careerera launched an initiative "Careerera Cares" which aims to provide scholarships to people who have been affected by Covid-19. There are two scholarship programs under the "Careerera Cares" initiative. 

The loss of either one or both parents has hit many students across the globe, several of them are compelled to discontinue their studies following the financial crunch. Intending to help such students, Careerera has come up with a scholarship program for the ones who have lost their parents to Covid-19, such students will get to avail themselves of a 100% scholarship in all the courses offered by Careerera. 

At a time when many people have lost their jobs to Covid and are being compelled to confront an uncertain professional future. Careerera come up with another scholarship program for professionals who are facing hardships to get a new job, such people will get a scholarship of 50% in all the to upskill courses offered by Careerera.


  • Demise certificate of parents
  • Job termination proofs
  • Annual family income must be less than 6 LPA from all sources. 
  • All Indian residents are eligible for the scholarship program, foreign students can apply too. 

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"The education assistance could be of a great help in these hard times especially for those who have lost their parents/jobs to Covid-19. The purpose of this initiative is to sincerely contribute to fulfilling the career goals of covid affected students and professionals. We hope that this initiative will foster the skills that will be required by the nation in the future and help young talents to become global leaders", says Vivek K Singh, Director, Careerera.  

Careerera offers several courses for all age groups. It aims at facilitating quality education to learners worldwide: K-12 Educations, Language Training, and other training programs in the field of IT, Management, Quality Assurance, Software Development, Project Management, and so on. 

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