Preparing a Study Timetable Can Help Beat Exam Stress

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Exams are around the corner, and every student is now in a chaotic situation. Mostly unsure about where to start and how to do their preparation. Take a deep breath, we got your back and here are a few important tips you must follow while preparing for exams. 

Make a time table 

The first thing every student should do is prepare a timetable. This timetable should include your hourly activities right from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed. Allocate enough time for every subject, usually every student makes this mistake - they just concentrate on the subjects which they are not confident about, and do not prepare for the rest until the exam day. Even though some student is perfect in some subjects, one shouldn’t neglect the easy subjects. Take some extra time out for tough subjects and allocate less time for the remaining subjects. 

Wake Up Early

These days people are so lazy to wake up early and do their work. Early doesn’t have to be 4 in the morning, it can be 5:30 to 6 am also. But why elders insist on to wake up early and study early in the morning? Because between your sleep and waking up, your mind will be in peace mode and there will be no other distracting thoughts in it, so during the early morning time, you will have more chances to remember and retain whatever you study. 

Eat Healthy

Getting good marks or ranks doesn’t make sense if you are not healthy. Some people think that skipping a meal can give extra time for study. But that’s not a good habit at all. You should have meals three times a day from time to time and avoid filling your tummy. Some people might have a tendency to sleep whenever their tummy is full. So it is necessary to avoid this overeating habit. 

Being Mentally Well

A person's well-being not just includes physical health; it also includes mental health. And specially during exams students undergo certain mental issues like depression and anxiety. To get away from the depression, one should include meditation or yoga or games in their timetable. Whatever the activity is, it should keep your mind and soul healthy. Take a short nap to relieve mental stress. There is nothing wrong in having a break whenever you need it.

Finally, parents and teachers also play a major role during exams. Parents shouldn’t always force their children to read or get good marks or ranks. Marks are always not the only important thing, sometimes lives matter more than grades.

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