Meet The Telugu Rank Holders Of UPSC Civils Results 2020

Telugu Students Who Topped All India Civil Services Exams 2020 - Sakshi Post

A Hyderabad student achieves a top-20 rank in UPSC Civils 2020.

Hyderabad: Telugu students do exceptionally well in the All India Civil Services. P. Shreeja of Hyderabad was ranked 20th overall in India. There were 12 individuals in the top 100. More than 50 Telugu students received good ranks in total. In Delhi, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) published the Civil Services 2020 final results on Friday.

From Doctor To Civil Servant

Warangal is the hometown of P. Sreeja, who is ranked 20th in All India in Civils. She resides in Sainagar, near Uppal in Hyderabad. Srinivas' father works as a sales manager in a vehicle showroom in Habsiguda, and his mother is a nurse. Shreeja studied MBBS at Osmania Medical College. On her first attempt, she recently finished 20th in the Civils. Shreeja said that she was committed to providing better medical services to the people and was ready for civilians with the idea of ​​doing more service to the poor.

"Prepare for the Civils exams by playing without much pressure. Raising awareness on all topics will help you to stay in the preliminary and mains exams without any hesitation. The coaching and the encouragement from my parents contributed to my success,'' she said.

Will Work To Stop Farmers' Suicides

V. Sanjana Sinha, who achieved the rank of Civils 207, resides at Malakpet, Hyderabad. She desires to become an IAS. "If I am a collector, I will try to curb the suicides of farmers. We need to plan and raise awareness to prevent attacks on women," she shared.

Will You Be Selected For IPS?

Kiran Kumar, son of Kota Krishnaiah-Vajrammala of Bhimavaram Harijanwada Panchayat, Errupalem Zone, Khammam District. Kiran studied at Dammapeta Gurukul School and completed engineering at IIT Kharagpur. Kiran's father is a farmer, his mother is the village sarpanch and his brother Baburao is a CI in the police department. Kiran, who is ranked 652nd in the Civils, is expected to be selected for the IPS.

To Bring About Change In The Education System - Chandrakant

Baddelli Chandrakanth Reddy of Vijayawada secured the 120th rank in Civils. Chandrakant Reddy said that he was ready to make his notes even though he could not hear the classes directly with the corona conditions.

"I hope the IAS will come. I, however, have the idea of ​​making changes in the education system. I will strive to make the mother tongue closer to everyone. If the IPS comes, I will try to stop the crime, " he said.

Achieved In The First Attempt

Richa Kulkarni, who lives in Tarnaka, Hyderabad, was ranked 134th in the Civils. "This is my first time writing UPSC.

It is a pleasure to come to such a good rank. Taking coaching‌ for two years, the inspiration given by my parents helped me. I hope IFS comes, "said Richa.

On The Third Attempt

Surapati Prashanth of Parvatipuram in the Vijayanagaram district of AP secured the 498th rank in the All India Civil services exam. His father, Baburao, was a retired Army employee.

Prashant, who completed engineering, achieved the rank of Civils in his third attempt. Prashant said his view was that the country would improve if women are educated.

To Make A Difference In People's Lives

Prithvinath Gowda, son of Srinivas Gowda and Vanaja, is from Kadukuntla, Kottakotta Mandal, Vanaparthi district. Prithvi Nath studied at a private school in Kottakotta and completed his MBBS at Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad.

He was ranked 541st in the latest All India Civils results. "I did not feel satisfied reading MBBS. I am ready for the Civils with the perseverance to be in the administrative department to bring about changes in the lives of the people, "said Prithvi Nath.

I'm Very Happy. - Abhishek

Andasu Abhishek said that he was very happy to be ranked 616th in Civils. Abhishek, a native of Visakhapatnam in AP, completed his B.Tech at IIT Mumbai. He achieved the rank of Civils in his third attempt.

Here Are The Details Of Some Other Rankers:

The 66th ranked Anisha Srivastava resides in Arkepuram in Secunderabad. She completed her degree in Commerce and prepared for Civils.

Gautami, ranked 317th, holds a degree in Architecture from the Visvesvaraya National Institute, Nagpur. Gopal, the father, is a businessman, and Radha, the mother, is a staff nurse.

Shobhika Pathak, who is ranked 248th, resides in Thirumalagiri, Secunderabad. Educated at Army Public School, she completed her engineering at NIT, Warangal. He is currently working for a private company in Bangalore.

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