ICSE Class 10 Semester 2 Exams: Check Timings, Guidelines for Examination

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For Class 10 students, the ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022 begin today.

CISCE will be in charge of the Class 10 semester exams.

Students taking the ICSE Class 10 Sem 2 Exams in 2022 may learn about the exam schedules and key suggestions to bear in mind when taking their board exams by reading this article.

ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022: The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, or the ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022 for Class 10, will begin today, April 25, 2022, at the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The ICSE board's class 10 pupils will take their first semester 2 board test today. Exam dates and times, as well as other rules and regulations, are available here for students to review.

Beginning today at 11 a.m., ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022 for Class 10 will begin. On May 23, 2022, the ICSE Sem 2 exams will be completed, approximately a month later. Students in ICSE Class 10 will take their first board test of the second semester, which is the English Language.

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ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022: Exam Timing, Subject

ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022

Date: April 25, 2022

Subject: English Language

Time: 11 Am

Duration: 1.5 hours

Students must remember to bring their ICSE Semester 2 admission cards to their test centres, since access to the exam hall may be refused if they do not. The admit card is a vital document that must be shown at the time of each test during the ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022 for Class 10.

Important tips for applicants to remember while taking the ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022 have also been provided by CISCE.

Students must arrive ten minutes before the exam's start time to assure a seat in the examination hall. Students will be allowed 10 minutes to read the question paper thoroughly before the start. Students will be given the question paper at 10:50 a.m.

Candidates that come late will be expected to submit a justification for their tardiness. Candidates who come after 11:30 a.m. will not be handed the paper.

If CISCE discovers that teachers or students utilised unfair tactics during the ICS E Semester 2 Exams 2022, the entire result for the candidates will be cancelled. If applicants are discovered to be disrupting the Class 10 examinations, their entrance to the remaining papers will be revoked.

Candidates will be expected to observe all COVID-19 safety procedures for the ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022 because they will be administered offline.

Exam Day Guidelines for ICSE Semester 2 Exams 2022

  • Bring your admit card to the exam room.
  • For the answers, only use black or blue ballpoint pens.
  • Ensure that all of your response scripts are connected and that your roll number or Unique Identification number appears at the top of each one.
  • Make margins on both sides of your paper and write your answer on both sides of the sheet.
  • Answer the questions in the same order as they are listed in the paper.
  • Wear your mask or face cover at all times and follow all COVID-19 safety rules.
  • To avoid touching, bring your stationery, hand sanitiser, and water bottle.
  • Inside and outside the test hall, students must maintain social distance.
  • It is not permitted to use electronic equipment such as calculators, cell phones, calculate with one's hands or utilise the desk as a rough place.
  • Students should be aware that the ICSE Semester 2 Results 2022 will be sent to the heads of schools through the convenors in July 2022.

Students are also encouraged to read the CISCE's official notification for the ICSE Class 10 Exams. Sakshi Post wishes all students who are taking their board exams the best of luck! 

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