Hyderabad University Students Demand Caste Based Census

Hyderabad University Students Demand Caste Based Census - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: At the main entrance of the University of Hyderabad, students from the All India OBC Students Association (AIOBCSA) held a protest. They urged that the Union Government undertake a census based on caste.

The AIOBCSA has requested that 1 lakh postcards and 10 lakh tweets be sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the hashtag #ConductCasteCensus.

For successful policy decisions and welfare measures, a caste census is essential.

G. Kiran Kumar, President of AlOBCSA, emphasised the importance of students and youth taking the lead in the Caste Census movement since data is essential to understand the outlines of inequities and to develop effective policies with the most efficient use of scarce resources.

"Our protest will be taken to Delhi in order to maintain pressure on the Central Government," Arun Ketan, General Secretary, said to the gathering of protesters.

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