HPS Student To Present Global Youth Report At COP26

HPS Student To Present Global Youth Report At COP26 - Sakshi Post

HPS Student To Present Global Youth Report At COP26

Hyderabad: A 16-year-old kid from Hyderabad is preparing to give the Global Youth Report at the United Nations Climate Change Conference — COP26 Climate Summit — as world leaders convene to find a solution to climate change.

Pavan Trishu Vijay Kumar has been officially certified to deliver the #Decarbonize: Global Youth Manifesto and is travelling to Glasgow, Scotland, with Annapurna, the Project Coordinator, to attend the conference.

According to a press release, Pavan will present his work in the "Blue-Zone" during the event, which is only open to official conference participants such as global leaders and official officials from international NGOs and businesses.

The #Decarbonize: Global Youth Manifesto is the biggest synthesis of climate change education and action by youngsters under the age of eighteen around the globe.

According to a news release, Pavan is one of the world's six Continental Lead students, who will meet with global leaders, CEOs of multinational businesses, visit local schools, and present a live and interactive video series.

Pavan, Ankith, Ashritha, Harshita, Shiv, Praseeth, Ankitha, Varsha, Ishaan, and Anirudh, guided by their instructor Usha Sudhir, worked on the project in India by conducting research, creating blogs, and connecting with students from various nations.

In the art aspect of the project, schools from all over the country participated, including Little Angels High School in Gwalior, Suncity School in Gurugram, KLE School in Gokak, and Hyderabad Public School in Begumpet. At COP26, the selected pieces of art will be on exhibit.

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