How to Pass Exams and Grab That Govt Job

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How to Pass Exams and Grab That Govt Job

Exam Tips: It is a critical time for many young people in Telangana since employment notifications from various government ministries are about to be published. Amid the fierce competition, some job applicants may experience worry and tension while preparing for recruitment examinations.

Dr Diana Monteira, head of the Hyderabad Academy of Psychology and a PhD in psychology, emphasises the necessity of remaining committed and focused on the goal. Students can write their goals down in bold font on paper and place them in a spot they regularly access. It plays a major role in reminding and motivating them to get closer to their goals," she adds.

How to Maintain Concentration

Students should turn off all external communications and distractions, such as phone alerts, social media applications, and digital streaming platforms, and focus only on their studies. It's also necessary to tune your mind; avoid other forms of entertainment, such as spending too much time with friends.

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You should also be aware of the preparation timeframe, which might span months and be broken down into sections. The next step is to assess your present knowledge of the subjects and choose the best resources for improving your learning, such as coaching classes or group study. You must establish a regular schedule for yourself and stick to it religiously. It is simpler to persuade oneself to study if you set aside a definite number of study hours with minor intervals for the brain to unwind.

Stress Management

Dr C Veerender, a psychologist at You and Me Counselling Centre, says it's normal to be afraid of exams and anxious about competitions.

"It is important to first believe in your capabilities and not compare yourself with others. This can only happen if you build confidence in yourself, which comes from a solid understanding of the topics," he explains.

Veerender has also written a Telugu book called Vijayaniki Dari Idi, which focuses on controlling tension and anxiety during competitive examinations, as well as breathing techniques that may provide comfort. The Power of Memory After a round of preparation, take a break and then check to see if the material is still in your memory! This activity may not only assist you in updating the material but may also prompt you to seek review if you are not pleased with your preparation.

Study Patterns

While some students may prefer to work during the day, others may choose to focus primarily at night because there will be fewer distractions. As a result, it's critical to figure out what works best for you and stick to that schedule.

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