Exam Tips to Clear Group 1 Prelims in First Attempt

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A comprehensive reading of all the questions posed by the TSPSC in previous exams is required, in addition to materials such as Telugu Akademi textbooks and NCERT history textbooks.

Exam Tips: Telangana Geography, World Geography, and Indian Geography are all topics covered in this article. Candidates must learn about geographical terms (for example, the definition of "gorge" and "El Nino") as well as the locations of land and water forms in physical geography (e.g., the deepest canyon in the world). Because the bulk of questions is anticipated to be on state geography—rivers, waterfalls, projects, tribes, and so on—a special focus on state geography—rivers, waterfalls, projects, tribes, and so on—is required.

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Resources To Look Into

NCERT Geography textbooks for grades 6–12 Spar publications in Oxford or Black Swan Atlas for physical geography of India and the world Atlas is a map of the state of Telangana.

India's Cultural Heritage and History

Candidates must learn about all three stages of Indian history: ancient, mediaeval, and contemporary, with a focus on socio-cultural history. The emphasis should be on significant events and associated data, such as the year and location, the people involved, and the causes and effects.

Resources To Look Into

Old NCERT history textbooks—three books, one each for ancient, medieval, and modern times.

Indian Politics and the Constitution

The subject covers everything about government and the Constitution, which serves as its foundation. Candidates must gain complete awareness of the government's authorities, their powers and functions, and the articles of the Constitution about people's rights and welfare.

Resources To Look Into

Laxmikanth's Constitution at Work in Indian Polity is an NCERT Class 11 textbook.

India's Governance and Public Policy

The term "governance" refers to the spread of polity. It discusses the government's role in terms of its functions and obligations. The public policy encompasses a wide range of government initiatives in the social domain, including educational, health, and skill development programmes, missions, and policies, as well as policies for specific social groups such as women, SCs, and STs. Because this topic is combined with politics and economics, separate references are not advised.

Telangana State Policies

This section discusses the many initiatives taken by the Telangana government for various socioeconomic groups and development areas. Candidates must be familiar with every aspect of the initiatives, including the launch date and location, beneficiaries, goals and objectives, the ministry in charge of execution, targets under the initiative, and successes to date. Although this is a component of the economy, you must pay close attention to these elements because additional inquiries are expected.

Resources To Look Into

Telangana Government Websites n Telangana Government Socio-Economic Survey n Telangana Government Websites n Telangana Government Websites n Telangana Government Websites n Telangana Government Websites n Telangana

Telangana's society, culture, heritage, arts, and literature

This section is about Telangana's socio-cultural history, and an aspirant should be familiar with the following: handlooms, handicrafts, historical monuments with locations and details of the year and person who built them, inscriptions of various kings with content and locations, books and authors, quotes by famous Telangana people, songs and writers, and so on.

Resources To Look Into

Telangana History and Culture textbooks from the Telugu Akademi

Gender, caste, tribe, disability, and other concerns of social exclusion, as well as inclusive policies, and this field combines politics, economics, and socio-cultural history. To answer issues in this area, a special focus on policies affecting the above-mentioned social groups is required.

Analytical Ability and Data Interpretation Logical Reasoning

This section assesses students' problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities. The easiest method to get good grades in this subject is to practise often.

Resources To Look Into

RS Agarwal's Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning To comprehend the level and structure of questions, a comprehensive study of all of the questions asked by the TSPSC in previous examinations are required.

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