Bridgestone India Announces Awards Recognizing Sustainable Mobility Innovations In Serving Society

Bridgestone India Announces Awards Recognizing Sustainable Mobility Innovations In Serving Society - Sakshi Post

Recognizing accessible, safe, and intelligent mobility solutions in healthcare and nutrition, livelihoods, education, and social inclusion.

A total prize of Rs. 30 lakhs is available.

Applications and inquires can be sent to and will be accepted until the 15th of October, 2021.

Hyderabad: Bridgestone India today announced the constitution of its Mobility Social Impact Awards. These annual awards will identify, recognize and promote sustainable mobility innovations through advanced technologies and solutions in the field of social advancement. NGOs, Social Enterprises and Social Startups are eligible to apply. Not-for-profit organizations using mobility as a solution wherein increased or alternate mobility has addressed social issues or achieved social advancement are encouraged to apply for the award.

The Awards have three focus areas: accessible, safe and smart mobility solutions. Innovative mobility solutions that provide better access to healthcare & nutrition, livelihoods, education and social inclusion is one area. The second is to assess safe mobility solutions that enhance safety and inclusion bridging the present gender gap, disaster mitigation and increase road safety. Thirdly, smart mobility solutions that yield positive social impact eliminating poverty, promote biodiversity conservation and development of our rural society, will be most appreciated and considered.

"Bridgestone India believes in technology that achieves both environmental benefits and driving performance. These innovative technologies have been successfully used to provide easier, safer, smoother and seamless mobility for our society. The awards recognize and promote best practices on innovation and use of Mobility solution as a tool for social advancement. The awards are an acknowledgement of those who have harnessed the power of these technologies to serve communities through solutions and initiatives" said Parag Satpute, Managing Director, Bridgestone India

Applications and inquires can be sent to And will be accepted till 15th Oct. 2021

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