What is the cheapest car insurance?

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Car insurance can be expensive. It is one of the repetitive costs that come with owning a car. In most places in the USA, it is illegal to drive without having vehicle insurance. 

Have you insured your car? If your answer is no, you are playing a dangerous game. Driving an uninsured vehicle is against the law. Besides breaching the law's provision, it is also equivalent to leading a reckless life because you have no protection against an accident, collision, theft, and vandalism.  Nobody wants to be in such sad situations, but when you find yourself in one, it is better to be protected with insurance.

Car insurance serves to protect you from unforeseen circumstances that may cause damage to your car. Several insurance companies offer good deals for your vehicle. You should pick your insurance company based on your budget and the kind of coverage you desire.

The Best Car Insurance WSA is committed to providing cheap premium, but quality insurance deals for car owners.

What determines your insurance rate?

Several factors determine the cost and rates of insurance.  A few of these factors are based on the driver's profile, such as your age, gender, driving history, level of coverage, credit rating, and what kind of car you drive. The other factors are based on location, state insurance coverage regulations, and stipulations from lenders and leasing companies.

One major factor that goes into how much you pay for insurance is where you live. The insurance rates vary from state to state due to legal requirements, traffic congestion, economic conditions, weather, and competition. You would see that states like Vermont, Maine, North Dakota, Alaska, Washington, and Indiana have the lowest insurance rates.

Which insurance company is the cheapest?

Insurance premiums can be expensive. So it's natural to wonder if you need car insurance. Due to many insurance companies in the United States of America, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Generally, Erie has the cheapest insurance rate of $835 per annum; however, it is only available in thirteen states.

USAA provides reasonable insurance rates to their clients, but they are only available for army veterans and their families. They charge $1023 per annum for insurance services.

The cheapest insurance can be determined based on many criteria. Some of the requirements are driving record, credit age, overall rating, and minimum coverage rate. So, it is only reasonable that we view insurance prices in light of each criterion. This will allow you to streamline your choice and make a better decision on your car insurance quote.

The cheapest insurance company based on driving record

Perhaps you have a history of driving under the influence of alcohol and over speeding? Depending on your driving record, the insurance rate might increase. Drivers with clean driving history enjoy lower insurance rates than drivers with a bad driving record.

USAA offers the lowest rate of $1200-$2000 for drivers with questionable driving history. However, since it is not available to everyone. The cheapest insurance company based on driving record is Geico with an average price of $1500-$2700

Progressive has the cheapest deals for drivers with DUI on their record. This goes for a fair price of $2263. State Farm and Allstate have reasonable insurance rates too.

It should be noted that drivers with a clean driving history spend less than drivers with a blemished record.

Cheapest insurance rate based on credit

Bad credit can have an enormous impact on insurance rates. Therefore, drivers with bad credit pay considerably more on insurance than drivers with proper credit. The type of lending can influence your insurance rate.

Our analysis revealed that USAA offered the cheapest deals. Drivers with good credit had an average price of $1023 while drivers with poor credit paid $1925

GEICO had a service rate of $1200 for drivers with good credit and $1800 for drivers with bad credit.

Liberty Mutual and progressive also have quite competitive prices. Liberty mutual charged drivers with good credit $1778 and $2497 for drivers with poor credit. Progressive charged $1766 to drivers with good credit and $3238 to drivers with poor credit.

Cheapest  car insurance rate based on age

The age of the drivers affects the insurance rate too. For instance, the insurance rate for teens is the highest because they might be prone to reckless driving and other driving misconduct. Married couples enjoy lower insurance rates.

Geico offers the cheapest rate for all age brackets. Geico has an average price of $1800 for a married couple.

USAA has an average price of $1600 for married couples.  Progressive comes next with an average price of $2270.

Cheapest car insurance rates based on coverage

Full insurance coverage services include liability, comprehension, collision, uninsured/ underinsured motorist protection, and any additional state-mandated coverage

Using insurance coverage as a metric for judgment, USAA offers the best deals with a service charge of $1023.

Geico comes next with an insurance rate of $1198. State farms and Progressive have competitive insurance plans for you too.

The cheapest auto insurance company based on the overall rating

Compared to all other insurance companies, Erie has the cheapest rate, but since it is only available in thirteen states, it is not ideal for everyone.

USAA has the best deals in most locations of the united state of America, but since it is also not available to everybody, the cheapest insurance company is Geico.

Geico has the cheapest average rates for good drivers with poor credit, good drivers with DUI, drivers with speeding tickets, and young drivers.

However, no company is best for every customer. If you are looking for a lot of add-on coverages, you might want to look elsewhere. If you have DUI and speeding violations on your record, it might be advisable to consult Progressive and State Farm.


Best Car Insurance WSA offers competitive rates and a variety of discounts on all kinds of insurance coverage.

For you to claim some of the cheapest auto insurance prices, it is best to maintain a clean driver's record and drive a car that is in good working condition.

Endeavor to ask for discounts when negotiating the terms of the insurance policy. Some insurance companies like Best Car Insurance WSA, Erie, and Geico offer special discounts to customers, making them some of the most affordable insurance brokerage around.

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