Vegetable Prices in Telugu States Skyrocket In Karthika Maasam, Find Out Why

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Vegetable prices are increasing day by day across the State. If you purchase Rs 200 worth of vegetables, half the bag is also not full. The fall in vegetable cultivation throughout the State is due to the heavy rains this year. Most of the crops are grown in hilly areas with irrigated resources. As most of the farmers are switching to paddy cultivation from vegetable cultivation.  Last year, vegetables and greens were grown on 1,32,610 acres of land, while this year the area under cultivation is 61,153 acres. With this situation, the prices of vegetables went up.
Rangareddy, Vikarabad, Sangareddy, Siddipet, Nallagonda, Yadadri, Bhubaneswar, and Suryapeta districts have cultivated less than 50 per cent of last year's area. Vegetables such as tomatoes, brinjal, cucumbers, green peppers, and zucchini were grown on at least a few acres in each village. The groundwater level has risen dramatically due to heavy rains in the state this monsoon. As a result, farmers have shifted their focus from vegetable cultivation to paddy cultivation. The average vegetable cultivation in the strategic areas of these projects has also been reduced due to the erosion of the hilly region with the waters of Essareppe and Kaleswaram.
The recent floods are also the main reason for the increase in vegetable prices. Green chilies are priced at Rs 100 per kg, and tomatoes at Rs 60 per kg. The prices have raised more than two-three times compared to the last year. 

Market also attribute rise in vegetable prices to Karthika Masam. Most non-vegetarians stick to vegetarian food during the Hindu months Karthika masam, Shravana Masam and Navrtari thereby leading to an increase in the prices of veggies.

Vegetable Prices in Hyderabad

Vegetable Name

Retail Price


₹ 35 - 38


₹ 31 - 34


₹ 32 - 36

Curry leaves

₹ 6 - 6

Green chili

₹ 66 - 72


₹ 87 - 97


₹ 49 - 55

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