Teliolabs To Add 100 Members To Development Team

 - Sakshi Post

Teliolabs- a telecom and IoT based technology solutions provider is looking to double its team strength to over 200 employees by the end of this year. Boosted by 5G and IoT implementation growth across the globe, the company is looking to balance the gender diversity of the team with fresh hiring.

Teliolabs has been promoting gender diversity within the company where they are looking to hire female employees who would like to join the work force after a sabbatical or have been forced on a leave due to pandemic.

According to Amit Singh, the CEO & Founder, Teliolabs said, “Teliolabs have been able to successfully retain its employees after the rebranding and is now looking to expand the team by 100 more colleagues who have a tech background to strengthen our service portfolio.”

Teliolabs leverages on the SaaS based service model in providing next-gen solutions in Telecom, Enterprise and IoT Domain.

Teliolabs has its expertise in Design, implementation, support & managed services leveraging the technical offerings in AI, machine learning, IoT and DevOps analytics in the IoT domain, Telecom and Enterprise Application domain.

“With our current set of hiring plans we are focusing towards gender diversity within the company, where ladies coming from sabbatical or from a leave after pandemic can rebuild their career. This initiative is our way of promoting goodwill and opportunity to those who are deserving” added Amit Singh, the CEO & Founder, Teliolabs

The company has been able to retain its employees post the rebranding activity and is serving over 15 clients in various sectors like Telecom, IoT, manufacturing to name a few.

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