Telangana Real Estate Developers Association Announces New Governing Body

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TREDA's New President is B. Sunil Chandra Reddy.

Hyderabad: The Telangana Real Estate Developers’ Association (TREDA) has announced the new governing body for a two-year term during its 26th Annual General Body Meeting.

Mr B. Sunil Chandra Reddy has been elected as the President of TREDA; Mr K. Sreedhar Reddy as Executive Vice President; Mr M. Vijaya Sai as Secretary-General; and Mr Kali Prasad Damera as Treasurer of TREDA.

K Sreedhar Reddy, Executive Vice President, M Vijaya Sai, Secretary-General, Kali Prasad Damera, Treasurer

Addressing the members, Mr B. Sunil Chandra Reddy said, "The real estate industry is going through a transitional period today. TREDA has always been proactive in supporting and serving the community of builders and developers. The growth witnessed in the Telangana real estate sector is largely due to the revolutionary policies and reforms that the government of Telangana has undertaken over the past few years. Its emphasis on sustainability and transparency, combined with investment-friendly policies that drew multinational corporations to the state, has only resulted in significant economic growth in recent years.We need to find innovative approaches to solve challenges and look at ways to benefit the larger community."

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