Talenmark Group: Building India’s Biggest Cultural Centre At Kerala

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By Ms Sradha C Latheesh& Prof V. Sherin Bovas

Markaz Knowledge City is developed as the first integrated township in south India. It presents a unique model of a modern city, coming up on 125 acres of land at Kaithapoyil, 40 km from Kozhikode, Kerala. It is a 30 lakh sq. ft project of  Rs.3000 crore providing job opportunities for over  25000 people. The project is located in the valley of Western Ghats with an emphasis on commercial, education, and cultural values. This is the project led by Kanthapuram A.P AboobackerMusliyar. The Markaz knowledge city is a modern township built with a combination of academic institutions, residential facilities, and healthcare facilities, etc. The key components in the Markaz knowledge city are India’s biggest cultural centre, Unani Medical college, Markaz Law college, Alif Global school, The Tigris Valley Wellness Centre, a four-star hotel, the convention cum exhibition centre, Research and training in advanced studies etc. It is one of the most innovative townships in the history of Kerala.

Talenmark is a leading builder in Calicutwhois engaged in building India’s biggest Cultural Centre at Markaz Knowledge City. The cultural centre, which is the nucleus of Markaz knowledge city is intended to attract the world through its architectural beauty and the core values of education, culture, and commerce. The features of India’s biggest cultural centre include an Arab model souk, Spiritual enclave, International heritage museum, a world-class library, research centre, the world institute of research and advanced studies, and cultural gathering space and lot more.

The Talenmark Souk is India’s first Arab styled Souk. It includes 150+ shops with 55 business varieties in line of an Arab market. The project, which has 123,000 square feet of commercial space on a single floor, has great business potential. The 710 m commercial corridor is one of the main attractions of the souk. Talenmark’s construction of the  Souk in the cultural centre is quite different from the regular commercial malls that you see and experience in India.  It provides the best shopping experience for the visitors of Markaz knowledge city and the nearby people.

 The world institute of research in advanced science focuses on Islamic studies and the Arabic language.  The 46,000 sq. ft study Centreoffers 10 specialized courses in 21 disciplines. The world-class library is another feature of the cultural Centre. An international standard library that can accommodate up to 500 people at a time with a collection of contemporary and classic books. 

The main attractions of the cultural Centreare the dome. The dome of the cultural Centre is 17 m high and approximately 15m wide and is made entirely in steel, and glass-reinforced concrete. Another highlight of the cultural Centre is the minarets, which is the symbol and showcase of Islamic culture and architecture. The Cultural Centre has four minarets of 46 meters in four layers decorated with glass fibre reinforced material and calligraphy. The 72,000 sq. ft. rooftop garden are the aesthetic features ofthe cultural Centre.

This cultural centre is being constructed by Talenmark Group and should be ready for inauguration by the end of this year.

Talenmark expertise lies in design, build and execute in a short turn around time. The projects undertaken by the group are all RERA compliant. For details log onto www.talenmark.com

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