Spinny Helps Harshita Bhatronji, An MBA Graduate, Find Her Father's Dream Car In Honor Of His Selfless Nature

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Our fathers are examples of selfless love, care, and responsibilities towards us and our families. Father's Day is celebrated every year on 20th June to honor the spirit of fathers. They fulfill all our wishes during their lifetime, but education takes the majority of their earnings as ensuring we get the best education is their top priority. For getting into a renowned university or for pursuing rewarding courses such as an MBA, parents often take educational loans in order to manage the cost of their children's education. In the midst of all these responsibilities, they often overlook some of the basics needed to make their lives easier, such as buying a car. 

It was the same situation in 2020 when Harshita Bhatronji & her family had to deal with their old car in the worst condition. Though Harshita's father had always planned to get her a new car, he decided to wait while she pursued her MBA.

"The feeling was not really good since my father had already planned to purchase a new car, but when I told him about my desire to pursue an MBA, he agreed readily, and the car purchase was put on hold. My father would be busy fixing his old car whenever we planned a trip, but he would never complain."

The family had to take a trip to their village in Uttarakhand with Harshita’s grandmother & the situation intensified when the old car became a safety concern for everybody.

That’s when one of Harshita’s relatives introduced them to Spinny to buy a second hand car. While she was always convinced to invest in a brand new car, she did some research on the growing market for second hand cars and gained perspective on the changing outlook. The positive customer outlook and growing popularity of second hand cars especially amongst the millennials convinced her to visit the website of Spinny.

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The Buying Experience

The Bhatronji family always wanted to buy a new car, and Harshita's father had been saving for it for some time. However, the family was not able to prioritize & invest the money in a new car. On the recommendation of their relative, they decided to buy a used car from Spinny. Harshita went through the website of Spinny and showed it to her father. While her father was initially hesitant to purchase a vehicle online, good reviews on Spinny's site made them see the benefits of doing so.

Harshita and her father chose the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire model for a test drive. On the scheduled day, a completely sanitized car was delivered to her residence for a test drive by Spinny.

Spinny's consultant took them through the 200-point inspection and certification process, which included an assessment of every aspect of the car, from its interior to its exterior, including its engine, suspension, and brakes.

He also made them aware of Spinny’s selection process of choosing a good car and the 1 year warranty and 5 day no-question ask money back guarantee. Impressed with such a seamless car buying experience and customer care by Spinny they decided to buy the car. Harshita and her father visited the nearby Spinny office the next  day. Within 30 minutes – the whole purchasing process was over with complete documentation.

Harshita had always wanted her father to own a new car, so this was a dream come true for her. Taking the Spinny car to their village in Uttarakhand was a great experience for the family for their first trip.

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