MEIL Officials Rescue Stranded Personnel in Domail Village, Sonamarg

MEIL Officials Rescue Stranded Personnel in Domail Village, Sonamarg - Sakshi Post

On Sunday, The MEIL rescued stranded personnel in Domail, who is establishing power connections to Holy Amarnath cave. As you are aware that, we are executing the Zojila pass tunnel project. MEIL rescue team responded immediately to SOS message from the district administration and deployed the safety team and required machinery.

The Upper reaches of the Jammu and Kashmir region received the highest snowfall in 35 years on October 23-24. The area received 12-inches of snow.   

In the sudden snowfall, 16 workers and 18 ponies were stranded in Domail village 16 kilometres from Sonamarg. The district administration sent out an SOS message to the Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL), executing the Zoji La tunnel in the area. MEIL's camp office is 2-kms from Domail.   

Responding to the SOS, MEIL deployed an experienced six-member rescue team to conduct rescue operations. The stranded 16 engineers and workers had travelled on ponies to execute electricity works on the route to the Amarnath cave.   

MEIL's rescue team cleared the snow with the help of a JCB, Dozer. Four drive vehicles were deployed to carry out the rescue operation, which began at 1 pm on Sunday and ended at 6 pm the same day. While rescue operations were in progress, food, including firewood, was given to the stranded group. Besides saving the lives of the 16 workers, MEIL's rescue team also saved the lives of 18 ponies.

Heavy snowfall in 35 years

The Sonamarg-Baltal, primarily close Zoji la pass area, has not witnessed heavy snowfall after 1986. The Sonamarg-Baltal road was closed on October 23-24 due to heavy snowfall, is now reopened.

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