Lee Health Launches Products for Hair, Nail and Skin

 - Sakshi Post

Dermatologists say in today's world both men and women as young as 18 years are seeking help to combat the signs of hair loss, aging, Wrinkled skin, and brittle nails due to environmental and lifestyle changes. Stress, imbalanced nutrition, lack of physical exercise, and exposure to digital screens and toxins contribute to these problems.

LEE HEALTH DOMAIN, Hyderabad- a health care company has developed a novel formula with clinically validated phytonutrients and bio-nutraceuticals with the advantages of collagen and Hyaluronic acid from Natural Eggshell membrane and antioxidant properties of Spirulina extract.

The product is made in a soft gel capsule and released in the market under the brand name “LEE’s NATURAL CARE” LEE’S NATURAL CARE SOFTGEL CAPSULE contains the Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM), Biotin, Keratin, Spirulina and the extractions of Amla, Grape Seed, Bamboo, Saberry and Ellagic Acid.

These nutrients are clinically proven in rejuvenation and play an important role to maintain healthy skin, hair & nails in all age groups of people says Leela Rani Alla, Director. LEE’S NATURAL CARE SOFTGEL CAPSULES are made available in the market and online through Amazon and the company website.

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