The Idea That Gave Birth to Food Delivery App Zomato

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Zomato, which was founded over 12 years ago, is currently the most popular meal delivery app in the nation. Zomato went public a few days ago which was a huge success. Apart from recovering 66 per cent on the first day the shares were registered, the company's market value also surpassed Rs 1 lakh crore. There's a fascinating flashback behind how Zomato, which is now on the fast track to success, got its start. Deepinder Goyal, the founder, and CEO of Zomato stated: "I used to order pizza online when I was a student at IIT. However, there was an instance where I couldn't find my favourite pizza. During my time at IIT, I faced this issue several times. After finishing my education, I went to work for Bain & Company. My coworkers were disappointed with the canteen's limited food selection," Deepinder recalled.

"There were fewer food options in the canteen. Plus, it was difficult to find a nearby restaurant. I got into contact with Pankaj Chadha while thinking about this. We both discussed and came up with a solution. We put the menus of nearby cafés and restaurants on the company's website, along with phone numbers. We ran a weekend business called ''. It all came together well. We would do this while also working our regular jobs," Goyal added.

"During this time, my wife got a job at Delhi University. With that, I resigned from my job. I put my full focus on I started trying to expand the venture. At first, I never told anyone about it, including my parents. Within a year, thousands of restaurants in six major cities across the country were listed on our startup."

Inspired by Tomato, Zomato

"To expand, the startup needed to change its name. Customers need a new, original, and well-thought-out name. After a lot of thinking, we zeroed in on tomatoes. Tomatoes are a must-have in Indian cooking. We called our app Zomato after Tomato because we wanted it to grow as well," Deepinder explained.

Zomato, one of India's fastest-growing businesses, has set its sights on the overseas market. It now operates in 19 countries throughout the world, including Turkey, Brazil, New Zealand, and Indonesia. They have moved on to table reservations, home delivery, restaurant, and nightlife guides. Currently, the firm houses approximately 5,500 employees.

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