Fintech Start-ups Making An Impact On Banking Services

Fintech Start-ups Making An Impact On Banking Services - Sakshi Post

Long gone are the days when every financial transaction needed us to go to banks. In today’s age of mobile transactions and app banking, we don’t even remember our brick-and-mortar banks. The fintech start-ups have led to the end-users getting improved financial and automated services. So, if you haven’t hopped on to the bandwagon, here’s your guide to the best fintech companies in India.

Paycorp is a smart solution for all kinds of recurring payments. With its instant and assured B2B recurring auto-debit solutions, the payment gets completed on the same day as against the time taking procedures with standard industry solutions. The recurring auto-debit solution provider is equipped with varied payment options, such as ACH, UPI, cards, etc., and creates multiple digital touchpoints like WhatsApp, link push, and portal for ease of access. It has a direct interface with six banks.

The company promises to give you a quick process, collateral-free, a minimum document required loan within 3 days. Also offering loans for MSME, Women Entrepreneurs, online businesses, as well as capital loans, Lens Kart can be your go-to place.

Founded by an Indian, Razorpay offers payment gateway solutions to online business ventures. Since most of the businesses have turned online, they need safe and secure payment options, and this is where Razorpay comes to the rescue. It allows the business to accept, process and disburse
payments. Safe and secure, is the first promise of Razorpay.

Paytm has entered our lives and how needs no introduction. It provides secure and fast UPI payments as well as online payments. Be it your mobile recharge or electricity bill or you need to pay your local grocery vendor, Paytm is available to everybody. It has become the most favoured online payment app today.

Zest Money
Zest Money is for the times when you need to buy expensive things, have a limited salary, and cannot pay in one go. For such times, you can pay through Zest Money, which helps you to pay back in 3-4 easy instalments, with zero interest, no charges, no processing fee and in fact no hidden
charges as well as quick approvals. With 85000 plus online and offline store partners, you can shop as much as you want.

These fintech startups offer a variety of services, and you can choose which one to use when, according to your need. Truly taking the saying that customer is king to the next level, one can choose a service as and when they need them. While one can help in availing loans, another can help you when you start your own business and another one can help you to make payments. The world has truly arrived at our fingertips, and the most resourceful, and smartest of the lot use them to the fullest.

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