Chingari Powered By $GARI Partners With Sunny Leone's CloudWood For Future Of Indian Artists

Chingari Powered By $GARI Partners With Sunny Leone's CloudWood For Future Of Indian Artists - Sakshi Post

The association between the two companies aims at exploring and identifying raw talents in India, grooming them and enabling them to make a career for themselves in the entertainment industry.

India’s leading homegrown short-video app, Chingari, powered by $GARI, and Cloudwood Entertainment, a digital artist marketplace, have recently announced their partnership to work together for the future of Indian artists. With this association, Cloudwood Entertainment looks forward to exploring and identifying new talents across India that are present on the Chingari app. In this creative partnership, both companies aim to handpick the talents that are passionate about the entertainment industry and give them a platform to showcase their skills.

The entertainment industry has seen multi-fold growth ever since the pandemic. Newer avenues of entertainment like OTT platforms, short-video apps, and social media platforms have made their way into the industry and are starting to generate engaging content for consumers. While the OTT platforms generated content with many well-known faces in the frame, some new talents also got a platform to showcase their skills. Short video apps like Chingari and entertainment companies like Cloudwood are now working towards creating a lot more content with the newer talent in India to give a chance to the upcoming artists who are passionate about the entertainment industry.

Cloudwood Entertainment believes that Indians have a lot of potentials and that the country has a lot of talented gems who are passionate about the industry but haven't been discovered yet. The co-founders of Cloudwood believe that if given the right platform, these upcoming artists have the potential to change the future of the entertainment industry.

In this partnership, Chingari will provide a platform for its upcoming and talented creators who have the passion to entertain. These creators will then be appraised by the Cloudwood team to finally select the talents that can make a difference in the entertainment sector. The selected creators will be groomed by the Cloudwood team and will further get their support and network to make a place for themselves in the industry.

To test the waters, Cloudwood Entertainment ran a # BabulContest (based on Babul song produced by Panache Entertainment) on the Chingari app in December and rewarded the top content generated by the creators of the app. On announcing this partnership with Chingari, the co-founder of Cloudwood Entertainment, Sunny Leone said, "Cloudwood Entertainment is excited to partner with Chingari for the ‘Future of Indian Artists’. Cloudwood’s motto is to nurture raw talents and enable them to build a career in the entertainment industry. Cloudwood's collaboration with Chingari aims to handpick talent who are passionate about this industry and place them in the right positions.

Furthermore, Daniel Weber exclaimed, "Cloudwood is looking at this association with Chingari as an opportunity to grow into a multi-fold where the companies would not only create meaningful content but also integrate brands, production houses, and record labels to find the right talent under one roof."

Mr Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Cloudwood Entertainment, who shares our mission to provide a great platform for upcoming creators and artists." Looking at the ever-evolving entertainment space, we believe that newer talents who are successful in making a place for themselves in the industry will receive a great welcome from the audiences of India. And we would like to give a platform/opportunity to more such talents who have the potential to become India’s next superstar and can passionately entertain the viewers with their skills and art."

"Chingari App is focused on collaborating with brands and companies that can provide an opportunity for our creators and the upcoming stars of India. Cloudwood Entertainment’s vision of grooming the rawest talents in our country and making them household names is what we at Chingari stand for too. We are hoping to get a great response from our creators for all the activities that we execute as a part of this association," remarked Mr Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App.

Deepak further added, "Our recent initiative, the Chingari Superstar Contest, was also launched with the idea of exploring and identifying the greatest talents in India and giving them the right platform. Along with getting a chance to showcase their talents, the winner of the Chingari Superstar contest would also win a cash reward of INR 1 Crore."

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